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Your trucks can travel along the Interstate only as fast as the speed limit allows, but the pace of fleet management knows no boundaries. When company founder Chuck Melton launched Integrated Transportation Software in 1984, he was a visionary who saw how technology could vastly improve performance, increase revenue and profits, and democratize the industry all at the same time. Now called Melton Technologies, the company is on the leading edge, continuously invested in improving software solutions that help you navigate every tricky curve on the road to greater efficiency.


Today’s leading provider of PC-based trucking software, MTI products cover all aspects of fleet management operations, from dispatch and billing to settlements, maintenance and driver compliance. Each and every day, MTI is dedicated to, and focused on, developing and improving software to meet the increased demands of 21st-century fleet management.


About Our President

Chuck is an industry veteran who, while working with Pilot Freight Carriers in the late 1970s and early 80s, realized that coming deregulation would be the key that allowed smaller transportation companies, equipped with the right technology, to be competitive. When QUALCOMM emerged to allow commercial satellite tracking, ITS was one of the first companies to offer PC-based trucking software that integrated with the new technology. ITS developed  QTRACS and Circle of Service products to automate dispatch and it was an industry game-changer. It was so successful that Qualcomm, Inc. acquired the company in 1984. Chuck re-acquired the company – including the suite of products – in 1997. He also retained key personnel and launched the company that same year under the MTI banner.

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HorizonGo is all about setting you free. Now more than ever, success in out industry depends on speed, mobility, and agility. Giving you the real-time power of cloud technology and the ability to manage all of your operations wherever you are is what HorizonGo is all about.


Challenges will always exist in the transportation industry. We can always try to anticipate them, but in reality, our best course of actions is to meet them head-on. HorizonGo is a versatile solution that will see evolving even more as a solution to the new challenges ahead. 


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