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An Old Transportation Technology is New Again

Old Transportation

In an effort to reduce pollution and increase trucking efficiency, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, located in Orange County, California, has plans to install a catenary trucking system in the Los Angeles area. The system would function much like a trolley line where power is supplied via overhead electrical lines that would connect with current collectors on the tops of trucks.

Trolley Technology

This experiment will be conducted in conjunction with Siemens and Volvo and will consist of a two-way, one-mile stretch of roadway on which the transportation technology will be demonstrated. It’s said that trucks will be able to join or leave the electrical lines at any time and at any speed. If successful, the project could expand around Los Angeles and eventually the entire country while reducing emissions significantly. In addition, catenary systems may be able to reduce fuel and other costs after the initial expense of retrofitting existing trucks.

“This project will help us evaluate the feasibility of a zero-emission cargo movement system using overhead catenaries,” said Barry Wallerstein, SCAQMD’s executive officer. “Southern California’s air pollution is so severe that it needs, among other strategies, zero- and near-zero emission goods movement technologies to achieve clean air standards.” –

Do you see catenary systems as viable on a large scale? What other methods for reducing pollution do you foresee in the future?

Leave your comments below to let us know your opinion.

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