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How does HorizonGo empower your fleet?

HorizonGo is a cloud-based software that helps you manage your fleet. It lets you see all your vehicles in one place, track their location and status, and dispatch them to jobs. HorizonGo also allows you to communicate with your drivers through the app to keep them updated on job details and give them instructions. This enables you to manage your fleet more efficiently and reduces the need for paper documents and phone calls.


What does HorizonGo empower your fleet to do?

Keep Drivers and Customers Happy

HorizonGo helps you have increased communications with your drivers and customer and allows you to give more equitable dispatching to keep drivers happy and paid quicker.

Financial Control of Your Company

With dynamic reporting. HorizonGo gives you all the data you could possibly need to make the correct decisions when guiding your business.

Efficiently Adapt to Changing Supply Chain

HorizonGo is built for the modern supply chain management. We help trucking companies more quickly adapt to changes and increase efficiency.

Back Office Personnel

What happens when back office personnel takes control of their processes?

Minimize Busy Work

HorizonGo allows you to automate reoccurring tasks, eliminate data entry, and see customer's and driver's data in real-time.

Faster Billing

HorizonGo makes communication seamless allowing personnel to easily find rates, delivery documentation, additional charges and more.

Real-Time Communication

HorizonGo collets diver, dispatcher, and customer data in real-time, allowing you to make more accurate reports, track data, and do your work quicker.


What happens when dispatchers have more
control of their day?

Get Ahead of Workload

Dispatchers are constantly buried in work. HorizonGo simplifies workflow, giving real-time data visibility, while keeping customers informed and drivers happy, productive and connected.

Better Communication with Customers and Drivers

HorizonGo's messaging feature allows you to communicate instantly with every stakeholder in the life of the shipment.

Handle Last Minute Changes with Ease

Shipping addresses, cargo, routes, distance, etc., are constantly changing. HorizonGo allows you to see any changes in real-time, eliminating lag time.


What happens when drivers get connected?

Faster Pay

HorizonGo allows drivers to instantly invoice e or provide proof of delivery, helping your company and drivers get paid faster.

Less Headaches

HorizonGo makes communication seamless allowing personnel to easily find rates, delivery documentation, additional charges and more.

Faster Deliveries

If a customer changes the location of a drop-off or pickup, HorizonGo provides real-time, seamless communication between the customer, office, and driver. This helps keep drivers moving rather than idle while waiting for information.

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